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23 November at 9:15PM

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‘People want to believe in something. Why not this?’

New York, 1892: Kate Fox, the woman who inadvertently invented séances is holding her last one. A final audience gathers in her apartment to watch as she conjures the ghosts of her two sisters to tell the story of their lives and the religion they accidentally began.


Loosely inspired by the loosely true story of Kate Fox, it is a silly, scathing and sardonic one-person musical inspired by our own era of approximate truth.


Starring Michael Conley as Kate Fox, THE FABULIST FOX SISTER features Tamara Saringer as Leah Fox/Musical Director and Becky Brass as Maggie Fox/Percussionist. With design by Libby Todd, lighting by Matt Daw, technical production by Chris Czornyj, video design by Matt Powell, stage management by Roni Neale, it is directed by Adam Lenson.


Music by Luke Bateman and book and lyrics by Michael Conley and produced by ALP Musicals.

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